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VHFFS 4.5.0 Released

Posted on Sunday 8 March 2015, at 13:43 UTC

VHFFS, the software which energize TuxFamily, was released a few months ago, featuring at least the new mail panel.

Of course, as TuxFamily follows almost day-to-day the VHFFS trunk, we are already running it !

Now using cgit instead of gitweb

Posted on Sunday 25 January 2015, at 22:52 UTC

This was planned a long time ago, here we are, we are now using cgit instead of gitweb, and really should have done that before !

Oh, by the way, while you are here, CVS pserver anonymous access no longer work (for months) because cvs-pserver was removed from Debian in Wheezy, looks like nobody care :P

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